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American flag

The messy propaganda campaign we are witnessing in Kosovo has its origin in the extraordinary media experiment of the Vietnam war. In Vietnam American military commanders gave the press relatively free access to the battlefield, and tried to spin perceptions with a barrage of statistics,

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painting deus ex machina

People say that everyone has a Guardian Angel. I don't object to that. It is the way they say it. The way they use it as a synonym for luck, or some other chance process. I find it demeaning to be reduced to a metaphor. However, given that literal manifestation, spectacular miracles and all the

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A tree and a roof
Hi Ho
Sunday mornings I wash my car. The house is on the brow of a hill, so while I run the shammy over the Sierra's shiny curves I can look over the allotments and see other earlybirds clearing and digging their little patches of dirt. I've never been much of a one
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A little oil/wax lamp [?]


" 'void', 'nothingness', a symbol of brahman and nirvanam... the unifying point of indifference and the matrix of the All and the None"
Very soon my corpse will be ashes, the substance of my heart, my hands, my eyes and brain swept upwards in a reek of ghee and
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A painting depicting an orgy [?]


At the beginning of the Decadence it was easy. Although we were bored, and though everything had been done before, we were seized with a peculiar sense of potential. Our anomie had something optimistic to it. This was the golden age of our decline.
During the Decadence we
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Asian lanterns to a background of Auckland skyscrapers

It is Asia week in Auckland. Under the glass-fronted skyscrapers of the Central Business District, stalls are selling noodles and Bollywood videos. Chinese lanterns and coloured streamers hang over busy shopping streets in which Tibetan activists collect signatures while Bharata Natyam dancers