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The messy propaganda campaign we are witnessing in Kosovo has its origin in the extraordinary media experiment of the Vietnam war. In Vietnam American military commanders gave the press relatively free access to the battlefield, and tried to spin perceptions with a barrage of statistics,

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Transmission (2004) cover

It was a simple message.

Hi. I saw this and thought of you.

Maybe you got a copy in your inbox, sent from an address you didn't recognise; an innocuous two-line email with an attachment.


Maybe you obeyed the instruction to


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Cover of The Impressionist, Penguin

When The Impressionist was published in 2002 it was translated into 17 languages and won several prizes. On the US Amazon site "A Reader from Fort Scott, Kansas" wrote: "the author is obviously intelligent but obsessed by sexual perversions... In the author's mind everyone is hiding a deviant