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 Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières and Rizzoli have published an anthology called Writing on the Edge: Great Contemporary Writers On The Frontline of Crisis, "a collection of 14

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As we head towards the new year and every media outlet on the planet compiles lists of definitive this and that, I found this 2004 piece on my hard drive, which seems to do a reasonable decade-summarising job. It was a column for Arena magazine. I'm not sure they printed it, though I

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Check out the gallery for new images from my latest trip to the Mojave desert, and from Lake Havasu Arizona, site of the old London Bridge.

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The first things you notice as you come in to land at Helsinki airport are the trees, millions of them, stretching away towards the sparsely-populated North. Then you see the radio masts, jutting above the houses, relaying mobile phone signals around Finland's capital city. There aren
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A close up of a, presumably, Honduran leaf.


17.01.03: 9.45am. Dropping through the clouds coming into San Pedro Sula, I get my first sight of Honduras. Sure enough it is of bananas, a rich green landscape of fruit plantations stretching out into the distance. This was the original banana republic, a country governed through


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