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Salvation Mountain

I spoke to the New York Times Book Review about Gods Without Men. Listen here

I'll be speaking at the following events in NYC

18th Sept  7pm: In conversation with Kamila Shamsie (A God In Every Stone) and Ken Chen of the Asian American Writers Workshop

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Ai Weiwei Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn

 As I write, the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has been in detention for 51 days and 6 hours. I know this so precisely because someone who goes by the handle loveaiww has placed a counter on the web. On the door of my apartment is a poster with a silhouette of Ai, made from a photograph taken during

man in suit with poster

 There's Occupy Wall Street. Then there's this guy, who I met standing outside an office building on 9th avenue which houses various large companies. He said his sign was working. He'd got a couple of interviews.

bail out people not banks poster

I 've been asked by Slate for a quote about why I added my name to the Occupy Writers list. I suspect they may not be able to run the whole statement, so I've asked them to link here. Far more eloquent that anything I can say are the

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ryan trecartin looking crazy excited photo

On August 31st I interviewed the artist Ryan Trecartin in New York city. Katie Kitamura participated virtually in this interview. Hence the composite K/K identity. Trecartin's video work is some of the most important and exciting art being made in the US today. Below is a 1500 word edit of a