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utah arizona rock

 20 tracks that informed, inspired, or were just on heavy rotation while I was writing Gods Without Men.

1. Poor Wayfaring Stranger - Almeda Riddle Southern Journey, Vol. 1: Voices From The American South

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Burning Book

 On Friday, over lunch, I heard the news that Salman Rushdie would not be attending the Jaipur Literature Festival. His visit had been in doubt for some time. Initially, we had been scheduled to have a conversation on stage that afternoon, but since Maulana Abul Qasim Nomani, the head of the

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dark picture of an unidentified lady

This was one of the eulogies delivered over the coffin of the talking cure at an event at Cabinet in Brooklyn, which marked the publication of Jamieson Webster's book, The Life and Death of Psychoanalysis. Following the eulogies, we processed to the Gowanus canal, where the corpse was

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ryan trecartin looking crazy excited photo

On August 31st I interviewed the artist Ryan Trecartin in New York city. Katie Kitamura participated virtually in this interview. Hence the composite K/K identity. Trecartin's video work is some of the most important and exciting art being made in the US today. Below is a 1500 word edit of a

bail out people not banks poster

I 've been asked by Slate for a quote about why I added my name to the Occupy Writers list. I suspect they may not be able to run the whole statement, so I've asked them to link here. Far more eloquent that anything I can say are the

man in suit with poster

 There's Occupy Wall Street. Then there's this guy, who I met standing outside an office building on 9th avenue which houses various large companies. He said his sign was working. He'd got a couple of interviews.


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