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Ai Weiwei Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn

 As I write, the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has been in detention for 51 days and 6 hours. I know this so precisely because someone who goes by the handle loveaiww has placed a counter on the web. On the door of my apartment is a poster with a silhouette of Ai, made from a photograph taken during

ai weiwei in munich



When it comes to being numb, certain people take first prize – those who sacrifice the people closest to them in order to prolong their own ignoble lives; people with interests but no principles; people with adequate food and clothing but no faith;

Protest outside the Consulate of the PRC in Manhattan.

 Ai Weiwei has not been seen since April 3rd. Here are a few images from today's shambolic but well-attended protest outside the Consulate of the PRC in Manhattan. 

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wird pavillion with a drawing and "See You In Coca-Cola Happiness Factory' slogan

 I'm in Shanghai, at the World Expo. The Coca-Cola Happiness Factory is where we'll be sent when we're too old to be productive any longer. The process is quick and painless. We won't feel a thing.

See more images of the Expo in the gallery.

Flags of Turkey and China

I'll be in Shanghai 20th-25th October at Get It Louder! which is "China's most influential and closely-watched exhibition of emerging young talent across creative disciplines". Not sure what they mean by 'closely-watched' but Ai Weiwei will

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