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 Flying Close to the Sun: My Life and Times as a Weatherman : Cathy Wilkerson

[UK: Seven Stories Press January 2011]

The block of West 11th St between Fifth and Sixth avenues in New York’s Greenwich Village is lined by elegant nineteenth-century houses.

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Vassar College

 In the current issue of Caravan magazine, which is emerging as one of the best places to track developments in South Asian politics and culture, Amitava Kumar writes an account of our conversation at Vassar college

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It took 9/11 to rip the vein of romanticism for left-wing terrorism out of the American brain. In previous decades, when the deaths were oceans away and inflicted for causes you could sympathize with, it was easier to fetishize Che Guevara, the IRA, and the Red Army Faction; to linger in the

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Junot Diaz portrait

Hari Kunzru's "My Revolutions" is the book I'm telling people to grab. Kunzru is burning up in this novel. He spins a superb tale and his narrator's plummet down the radical rabbit-hole had me from page one.

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It is a measure of how respectfully Kunzru treats his characters’ yearning for a more generous time that “My Revolutions” feels less like an elegy for their era and more like a requiem for our own.

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