An Egyptian Political Joke For Tony Blair (Feb 2nd 2011)

This one goes out to Tony Blair, who today called Hosni Mubarak 'courageous' and 'a force for good'. He won't get it, though he'll pretend to know why it's funny. It's from a great piece in Foreign Policy.

God summons Azrael and tells him, "It's time to get Hosni Mubarak."

"Are you sure?" Azrael asks timidly.

God insists: "Yes, his time has come; go and bring me his soul."

So Azrael descends from heaven and heads straight for the presidential palace. Once there, he tries to walk in, but he is captured by State Security. They throw him in a cell, beat him up, and torture him.

After several months, he is finally set free.Back in heaven, God sees him all bruised and broken and asks, "What happened?""State Security beat me and tortured me," Azrael tells God. "They only just sent me back."

God goes pale and in a frightened voice says, "Did you tell them I sent you?'