Into The Zone: a podcast about the inside of my head

For the last 18 months I've been working with Pushkin Industries to make a new podcast called Into The Zone. It's about the pairs of opposites we use to organize our thinking about the world, the big ones - life and death, native and migrant, public and private, black and white, and so on. And it's about how the borders between these things are never as clear as we think. I'm a fiction writer, the kind who likes to research things, and I've always wanted a chance to tell some of the true stories I've found out about, stories that are often stranger and more affecting than fiction. Into The Zone is a place to do that. In the show I end up at Stonehenge, in an artist's studio in Paris, on a retreat in Ojai, in the Stasi archive in Berlin. I talk to writers, artists, anthropologists, geneticists. It's one of the most satisfying pieces of work I've ever made. The first episodes are up now. Listen here.